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Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment – Shortlisting services. Have you recently advertised for any job openings but you simply do not have the time and manpower to work through hundreds of CVs. Our tested and proven approach to recruitment will help you identify top talent at affordable rates. We assess the EQ, IQ, Personality orientation, values, attitude and core competences for each role and get to recommend the best talent. We believe that skills or competences alone are not enough to get an employee to sustainably keep at the top but a combination of attributes.
Headhunting – This is usually for senior appointments across all sectors. We help our customers identify top talent in no time. Our database with thousands of CVs and expansive network of corporates within the region gives us edge over our competitors for every hire that we handle. Our personalized approach not only helps us deliver 95% of the time, but also enables us get the culture right.

Human Resource Policy Design
Human Resource Manual design – For those that seek to streamline their Human Resource function, we have a team of season experts in HR and legal practice that will help you  develop a policy document to will help you attract and retain top talent.

Staff Training
Staff Training –  Our trainings are highly experiential and take into consideration adult learning techniques. Our 
facilitators navigate from one method of instruction to another to ensure that no participant is left 
behind. For all the trainings, we start by learning about our customer from the inside – how they 
want to position their company, perceptions of the employees (especially those being nominated 
for training), what they want to achieve out of the training among others. By learning about our 
client, we get to craft relevant content, examples and interventions that apply to their situation. Some of our trainings include: Team Building, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Employment Law, Performance Management, Coaching and Mentoring,  among others.

Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and Mentoring – The world over coaching has been proven to be the most powerful intervention that delivers performance improvement in excess of 200%.  Our professionals and globally tested resources will set your team on the right path in no time. With our resources, your team will be able to set powerful goals, craft strategies to achieve their goals, but most importantly get to be guided on how they can tap and exploit their innate potential.

Salary and Benefits Surveys
Salary and Benefits Surveys – Our salary and benefits surveys are designed for the local market and reflect the unique approaches and labor market dynamics that prevail in the region. We take time to understand the unique needs, characteristics of each comparator and the challenges that they face during compensation to give us the latitude for a deep analysis – Specifically we look at their budget, regional presence, employee size, salary and COLA practice, Perdiem practice, Medical cover, workmans compensation, leave, staff loans, statutory obligations, pension and gratuity schemes, Bonus payments among other practices that would be unique to each organization. We strive to make insightful comparisons between the different players using tailored metrics for effective decision making

Human Resource Information System
If you are looking for an HR software to automate your organization processes, get you to reduce time on the daily administrative activities and provide you with the latitude to focus on the strategic issues, we have the solution for you.

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