Reliable Corporate Solutions (RCS Consult), human resource firm, is well placed to help you meet the challenges and opportunities of the African marketplace. We offer the perspective of  both a regional and continental organization combined with detailed knowledge of local and international issues. Formed in 2008 our strength lies in the philosophy of continuous personal/organizational improvement as a pillar to sustainable growth.Our success in meeting today’s business challenges rests on the way we approach our work. 
We call our approach Connected Thinking. Connected Thinking fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing whether our staff members are at a client site, telecommuting, or working from our offices. We combine our unique perspectives, skills, and diverse backgrounds to create innovative solutions to today’s most complex business issues.

Our Client Profile:

Financial Institutions like

  • Centenary Bank
  • Blue Financial Services
  • DFCU Bank.

International Non-Governmental Organizations like;

  • World Bank
  • WWF
  • Truvalu start ups
  • Handicap International
  • Hospice Africa Uganda
  • Family Health International
  • KiBO Foundation
  • Bicycles Against Poverty
  • Rahab International
  • Agverify
  • CBR Africa Network
  • SOS Children’s Villages
  • Café Africa.

We have also provided consultancy services to large multi-national business corporations like;

  • Airtel/Warid Telecom
  • Aga Khan University
  • Smile Telecom
  • Esco Uganda and Kivu
  • Latitude Trade

Small and Medium Enterprises such as;

  • Tugende
  • Uganda Tree Resources
  • Kampala Accountancy Bureau
  • Mbale Resort Hotel
  • Footsteps Furniture
  • Private Sector Foundation
  • Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort
  • Libya Oil
  • Shammy Glass
  • Motor Center East Africa
  • Serenity Centre
  • National Debate Council
  • Mazars – BRJ
  • Chillies Restaurant
  • TMK and Co

Public service, – Government of Uganda institutions like;

  • Ministry of Health
  • National Enterprise Corporation among others
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